The Best CA glue?

The Best CA glue?

In the world of precision crafting and jewelry making, choosing the right cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive can make a significant difference in the quality and durability of your final product. CA glues are popular for their quick-setting properties and strong bonds, making them ideal for a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and ceramics. This blog post will delve into a comparison of several leading CA adhesive brands and demonstrate why BSI Adhesive is the superior choice for crafters and jewelers.

Comparing Popular CA Adhesives

  1. Gorilla CA Glue: Widely recognized for its strength and versatility, Gorilla CA Glue is a go-to for quick fixes and general crafting. It sets in about 10-45 seconds, which is convenient for rapid repairs but can be limiting when precise alignment or adjustments are needed in intricate projects.

  2. Loctite Super Glue: Loctite is renowned for its high-performance adhesives that offer excellent resistance to moisture and temperature variations. Its setting time ranges from 15 to 30 seconds, providing a slightly longer work time compared to Gorilla CA Glue.

  3. Starbond CA Glue: A favorite among woodworkers, Starbond features a variety of adhesives with different viscosities tailored for specific applications. Its setting time can be as quick as a few seconds, depending on the formula, which is great for quick assembly but may not be ideal for applications requiring careful positioning.

BSI Adhesive - The Superior Choice

BSI Adhesive emerges as the clear leader, particularly for crafting and jewelry applications, due to its distinct advantages:

  • Ultra-low Viscosity: BSI’s Thin CA offers the lowest viscosity on the market. This critical feature allows for deeper and more effective penetration into porous materials, ensuring a stronger and more secure bond. This level of penetration is crucial for intricate work where precision and a flawless finish are essential.

  • Superior Setting Time: BSI Adhesive strikes an optimal balance with a setting time that is fast yet allows enough open time for adjustments. This is particularly valuable in crafting and jewelry making, where fine details matter.

  • Enhanced Versatility: While all the compared brands bond well with common materials, BSI’s formula is uniquely effective across a broader range of materials, including challenging plastics and even some types of rubber, providing a more versatile solution for complex projects.

  • Increased Durability: Bonds created with BSI are designed to endure. They resist not just daily wear and tear but also environmental factors such as humidity and temperature fluctuations, which is vital for jewelry that may be exposed to varying conditions.

  • Reduced Fuming: BSI Adhesive produces fewer fumes compared to other CA glues, enhancing comfort and safety during application. This is especially important in enclosed spaces or during extended crafting sessions.


While Gorilla, Loctite, and Starbond each have their merits, BSI Adhesive excels in the realms of crafting and jewelry making due to its exceptional penetration, appropriate setting time, and broad material compatibility. The ultra-low viscosity of BSI’s Thin CA Adhesive makes it particularly advantageous for professionals and hobbyists seeking a fast, strong, and aesthetically pleasing bond in their delicate and detailed work. For those dedicated to achieving the best results in their craft, BSI Adhesive provides unmatched performance and reliability.

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