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DreamWood Rings

Tungsten with Bamboo Inlay

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Bonafede Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. It is capable of both great strength and tremendous flexibility.

Bamboo has been cultivated in the far east for hundreds of years. It has been useful in just about every way imaginable.

Used in making furniture, flooring, homes and building materials. It was also useful as armor, weapons, and even food.

In the far east, bamboo is a symbol of good luck and flexibility, signifying the ability to spring back no matter how strong the winds of life blow.


Tungsten, also called Wolfram, is nearly as hard as diamond. It resists scratching and will not tarnish, so there is no need to worry about cleanings or expensive polishing. If diamonds are forever, then so is tungsten.

Custom Engraving

You can add a custom engraving to your ring making it truly unique. Ask us how.

Comfort Fit Tungsten ring. The Tungsten will not scratch or fade in color. The inlay has a water resistant finish. Remember that it is genuine material inside the ring and it does need to be taken care of, but the finish is extremely durable and will hold off small scratching.

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