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Tungsten Ring with Dyed Magnesite and Walnut Burl Inlay

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This is a ring with a strong and earthy tone. Like an earthen trail beneath a deep forest canopy, this ring can remind you of your most sacred places in nature.

The Nature Connection

Magnesite, as a stone, has strong ties to nature. It has aided in saving rubber trees in the rainforest by being a critical component in the production of synthetic rubber.

It is also used to bind differing materials together and provides strength and form to materials so they can resist high temperatures.

Just like a ring symbolizes the binding of two hearts together, the magnesite in this ring bind together the strengths and beauty of the walnut and tungsten.

Metaphysical Properties

Magnesite is known to have calming and soothing attributes, which makes it very useful as a meditation aid. This allows the wearer to think with more clarity and focus, making it an excellent choice for those with a creative mind and active imagination.

The Hearty Walnut

Walnut is symbolic of strength and flexibility. It is highly prized for its beauty and sturdiness.

The blending of these two elements, the magnesite and the walnut, into a single ring symbolizes creativity and strength. Having inspiration and ingenuity while maintaining strong roots and being well grounded.

This ring is an excellent choice for those with an architectural or artisanal mind.


Tungsten, also called Wolfram, is nearly as hard as diamond. It resists scratching and will not tarnish, so there is no need to worry about cleanings or expensive polishing. If diamonds are forever, then so is tungsten.

Custom Engraving

You can add a custom engraving to your ring making it truly unique. Ask us how.

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