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Drinking Horn mug

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Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Let the Mead flow!
        This Viking drinking horn cup is a must have for the feast hall of any Jarl, Chieftain, or Freeman. Our authentic Viking horn tankards are made from real horn. Each one is uniquely crafted and possesses its own faithful character.

It Comes in Pints!... And Then Some. Are You Getting One?
        Choose Your size:
        Are you up for a friendly round with our Tavern sized 16-20 ounce drinking cup?
        Or do you prefer the Berserker sized 30-34 ounce drinking horn tankard to show that you are man enough to be in anyone’s shield wall? Show everyone that your success in battle is mirrored by your prowess at your feasts.

Make Your Mark!
        Every one of our real Viking drinking horn mugs is unique. Just like no two horns are grown exactly the same, no two horn mugs are exactly alike. You can enhance your personal Viking drinking cup’s qualities even further by getting a custom engraving of your choice, including authentic Viking runes. That way, everyone will know which horn mug belongs to the Chieftain.

Match Your Beard!
        Pick the perfect color of horn cup to match your long Viking beard –

  •  Wolf Silver
  •  Raven Black
  •  Boar-tooth White
  •  Berserker Brown

Straight Off the Longboat!
        Whether you are hosting a Viking feast, or you just need a mug of ale at the end of a long quest, you can impress your friends, satisfy your thirst, and honor your ancestors with our Viking drinking horn mugs. Get the mug that is worthy of the feast halls of Valhalla!

Currently in Limited Supply –
        Seize your Viking drinking horn mug now before they’re gone! We can still take your order, but we know that no true son of a Viking likes to wait for what’s his. Order now so you don’t have to wait for us to restock!


-Made of real horn

-Natural product, all pieces will vary in size and color 

-unique and perfect gift! 

-Custom Engravings available

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